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Sony Joins Hewlett Packard to Select Oneview as Partner of Choice

Sony Australia has selected Oneview Healthcare  as its partner to deliver point of care IT services to hospitals in Australia and New Zealand.

Garry Rhodin, Sony Australia’s General Manager Professional Solutions Division, said “We are pursuing new opportunities in the healthcare industry globally and our collaboration with Oneview in Australia and New Zealand is already showing great promise with this state of the art installation. We are excited about delivering a world-class infotainment solution with Oneview to hospitals throughout Australia and New Zealand.”

The Oneview Healthcare Solution is now recognised globally as being one of the most innovative point of care products on the market.  Oneview is partner of choice to two of the leading global technology companies.  Following a worldwide review of competing products in 2012, Hewlett Packard selected Oneview as its partner of choice to deliver patient infotainment as part of its global digital hospital programme.

Sony joins Hewlett Packard to select Oneview as Partner of Choice

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