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Oneview Healthcare Names Antoinette Thomas, RN, MSN as Chief Nursing Officer

Antoinette Thomas
CHICAGO, May 10, 2018
Oneview Healthcare PLC (“Oneview”) (ASX:ONE), a global leader in patient-centric technology, has named Antoinette Thomas, MSN, RN as its Chief Nursing Officer (CNO). Thomas joined Oneview in 2015 as a senior nursing leader with an extensive background in healthcare information technology and advanced practice nursing.

“Thomas brings 17 years of nursing experience to her role at Oneview Healthcare, which makes her a trusted leader and client adviser,” said James Fitter, Oneview CEO. “Her proven knowledge of the healthcare marketplace, clinical delivery, and organizational strategic objectives can only be explained by her experience in clinical practice and nursing leadership. We are delighted to have her in this role.”

Thomas’s primary responsibility will be to work with client partners to understand on a deep level what business problems they are trying to solve. She will then work with them to create a team – one that includes executives, clinicians, patients and families – to make a focused, strategic decision for how to leverage Oneview’s platform to engage patients, improve the patient experience, and free up front-line staff to spend more face time with patients.

“I am thrilled to take on this role at Oneview because I truly believe that our technology is giving patients more control, while also empowering nurses to practice at the highest level of their degree,” said Thomas. “I am proud to work for a company that is making a difference in healthcare, and where I know my voice is consistently heard.”

Thomas holds a master’s degree in nursing from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

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