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Oneview Healthcare enters US senior living market as preferred resident experience partner for Christian Living Communities

Oneview Healthcare, PLC (“Oneview”) (ASX:ONE), a global leader in healthcare announced today that they have entered into a contract with Christian Living Communities (“CLC”) to deploy their newest solution – a resident experience and family engagement platform. The contract marks Oneview’s debut in the senior living market in the United States. The deployment will commence in 2019 with 300 rooms going live across three communities in Denver, Colorado with a broader community roll-out planned in 2020.

The solution will provide touchscreen tablets to CLC residents, allowing them to order concierge services, request maintenance, create and participate in social clubs, communicate with loved ones outside the community and keep track of health and wellness. Families will use Oneview’s app – Circle of Care, to perform a variety of tasks including payment of resident statements, viewing resident activities, sending and receiving photos and video chat thereby remaining informed of their loved ones’ health and wellness in real-time.

Oneview Founder and President, Mark McCloskey said, “We have known for a long time that the senior living market could benefit from streamlined workflows and better technology. We are thrilled that CLC, an expert provider in the senior living space, have chosen to partner with us to digitize their communities and bring ‘smart’ technology to residents and are excited to be satisfying today’s consumer expectations across this vibrant sector of the community. We are witnessing strong interest in innovative products in this sector across our key markets.”

Terry Rogers, President and CEO of CLC said, “We take pride in providing the best experience for our residents and their families. We are delighted that this investment will set a new standard of excellence for residents, families, and our own staff here at CLC. We look forward to delighting those we serve in this new capacity.”

About Oneview

Oneview provides interactive technologies that improve the healthcare and senior living landscapes. Weaving a community’s existing disparate systems (customer relationship management, dietary, sales, operations, clinical data, etc.) into a single seamless platform, the solution helps senior living communities engage and delight residents and families in new and meaningful ways, while streamlining workflows. The solution facilitates biological, psychological and social wellness to residents, families enjoy better communication about their loved ones, and communities enjoy better health outcomes and staff satisfaction.

About Christian Living Communities (CLC)

CLC has a rich history of providing engaging retirement lifestyles and quality, dignified care for older adults and their families. Their first community opened its doors in 1972. Today, CLC provides senior living across a full spectrum of living options and care services, including in-home care services. CLC’s communities are designed to meet older adults on their aging journey and partner with them for a successful and fulfilling experience – to re-fire living. CLC operates or owns 14 retirement communities (more than 2100 units) and plans to increase that to 20 communities by 2020. CLC also has a for-profit arm called Capella Living Solutions.

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