Irish Times: Oneview Healthcare Founder has Clear Vision of Future

Mark McCloskey, President and Founder of OneViewBy Dominic Coyle
Excerpt from Irish Times article March 18, 2016

It all started in hospital, appropriately enough. Recuperating in a four-bed ward after knee surgery, access to the television quickly became an irritant for Mark McCloskey. There was only one remote and “the biggest guy had it”.

A little while later, back at work and on a flight, McCloskey was enjoying the in-flight entertainment system, and wondered how such an individualised set-up could improve the experience of patients.

That was the Eureka moment for the idea that was to become Oneview Healthcare. And, as he looked further into the possibilities, it quickly became clear to him that such a personalised service could also improve the clinical experience for patients.

That flight was in 2007. On Thursday, Oneview Healthcare floated on the Australian Securities Exchange in a €40 million initial public offering that values the business at about €140 million. A lot has happened in the intervening eight years.


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