Intel Solution Brief: Oneview Healthcare Promotes Customer Satisfaction, Efficiency, and a Sound Bottom Line

View Intel's Solution Brief "Improve Health Outcomes and Hospital Margins through Patient Engagement" that explains Oneview Healthcare's integrated patient engagement and clinical workflow solution.

Excerpt from "Improve Health Outcomes and Hospital Margins through Patient Engagement":

The integrated patient engagement and clinical workflow solution from Oneview Healthcare promotes customer satisfaction, efficiency, and a sound bottom line.

Engaging patients in their own care can improve health outcomes and increase their satisfaction while helping health systems expand market share and boost their margins. Oneview Healthcare offers an open platform for implementing a comprehensive patient engagement strategy.

Centering on the point of care, Oneview solutions help organizations:

  • Engage patients through powerful communication, education, and entertainment capabilities
  • Provide the care team with mobile, single-screen access to diverse clinical applications
  • Enable workflow improvements that support process and quality initiatives
  • Reduce costs for IT departments and hospital administrators

Building its platform on technologies from Intel and Microsoft*, Oneview allows seamless integration with a health network’s IT infrastructure along with the flexibility to support new requirements. Patients enjoy a responsive experience and an intuitive interface while remaining connected to their care team, friends, and family.

To view the full report, please visit the Intel website.

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