Microsoft Health Blog: Digital Health Revolution? Perhaps Evolution Better Describes What’s Actually Going On

Excerpt from blog:

"I’ve written before about a company that I think is doing very good work on both the patient and clinician side of things. Oneview Healthcare is helping to transform the way patients experience a hospital stay and the way clinicians use technology to access data at the bedside and share with it those under their care. The company’s Oneview Patient Engagement and Clinical Workflow Solution delivers a dynamic series of multimedia education and coaching goals personalized for each patient based upon the clinical purpose of their hospital admission. The platform also speeds clinician access to mission-critical hospital tools like electronic health records, MRIs, X-Rays, real-time location systems, and automation of hourly nurse rounding visits to the patient’s bedside. Think of it as combining the world’s best, interactive hotel-room entertainment and communication system with a multimedia solution to deliver timely, personalized patient education and clinical information through an easy to navigate, touch-friendly screen. It may not be nanobots swimming in your blood stream, but it sure delivers a better hospital experience for both patients and clinicians."

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