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Coffee With Ling Wang – Employee Interview Series

An experienced data architect and data engineer, Ling has worked at Oneview since November 2017. She is originally from China but has lived in Ireland for many years, starting her career on a research scholarship in DCU, before going on to work for global companies like Ericson and the Bank of America.

Tell us about your job as a data architect at Oneview
We collect and analyse data for our customers and we are also working on providing customer insights like predictive analysis to improve healthcare.

Did data always interest you?
My master’s degree was on data so I’ve been working in this field for 15 years. There’s been a dramatic transformation in the past few years. I remember early in my career dealing with a customer with 5G of data and thinking at the time, how will we manage this huge amount of data? And now I can easily work with 50 terabytes of data. Where once we were dealing with data in terms of numbers, now with smartphones we’re dealing with texts, emails, audio and visual. It’s a booming area.

What about privacy? 
Data privacy is extremely important. I’m responsible for how we move around data at Oneview. We have a data policy for each of our customers which covers where they want their data stored, how long they want it stored for, and so on. All sensitive data is encrypted and we never bring data for example from the US or Australia to Europe.

Does it make a difference that you are now working for a health tech company?
Ultimately data is data but the type of data is different. With healthcare data we can gather very interesting insights about patients. For example. we can track at which point a patient has lost interest when watching a patient education video, or we can use the data we gather from meal-ordering to see what is the most popular food patients order in hospitals - and it’s not always the most healthy option! So data has huge potential to change patient care.

What drew you to work in healthcare?
I think most people who work in healthcare have a personal reason for doing so. I’d never worked in a start-up before. I always worked in large organisations, but because of a personal experience with my Dad, I was drawn to work at Oneview. I hope my work here in predictive analysis will make a real difference in patients’ lives.

What do you think the future hospital will look like?
I was actually quite shocked when I first came to work in the healthcare industry, how far behind hospitals were compared to other industries. I have seen a big transformation in the past few years - with predictive analysis, AI and the sheer amount of data we are collecting, we can make rapid strides in progress. It’s a very exciting time to work in healthcare technology. We’re not only reporting hard numbers; we can now step in at critical points. For example, we can see if patients are ordering high salt meals in hospital, which may impact on their blood pressure, and we can feed that data back to doctors.

What is your favourite thing about your career? 
Teaching and learning simultaneously.

What’s the best advice you ever received from a mentor?
Number speaks, data never lies.

What has been your favourite project at Oneview?
Building a data warehouse from ground zero and I love it.

What have you gained from working at Oneview?
Explaining my work to non-technical audience is not an easy task, it requires social skills, patience, and a bit of talent sometimes. I am practicing it every day.

What's the one thing about you few people know? 
I learned how to ski at the age of 38

Who is your hero?
Alan Turing

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