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Coffee With Alexis Nimmers – Employee Interview Series

An experienced marketer, Alexis Nimmers is one of our newest employees, having joined our Chicago Office in June 2018. Originally from Rock Island, Illinois, Alexis moved to Chicago in 2013.

What is your role at Oneview? 

I’m the marketing coordinator with responsibility for all e-mail marketing, social media, website maintenance, producing marketing materials and trade show co-ordination and logistics. In this role I have a lot of scope for a variety of hands-on marketing opportunities.

Is this role similar
or different from your previous employment?

Before joining Oneview I worked as a marketing coordinator
for a company in the financial services industry. I was part of a large
marketing department and my role was niched, mainly focused on email marketing
campaigns.  With Oneview I have an opportunity
to gain more diverse experience working with a lot of different marketing

Is this way
of working part of the Oneview culture?

I definitely think it is. You have to be able to wear
multiple hats, jump right on in and do what needs to be done. You need to be
able to operate in a fast-paced environment.

Take us back
in time and tell us something about the career path that led you to work in

I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from
Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. It’s a HBCU, an historically
black college or university. I always wanted to be a news broadcaster, but in my
senior year, I realized that this wasn’t actually what I wanted to do. So after
graduating I had a hard time finding a job. I ended up interning with an advertising
agency before I got a paid position with them.  It was in that role that I was first
introduced to marketing and I gained a lot of experience there. But I’m someone
who likes a fast-paced environment, so after a year I left and moved to Chicago
with my best friend from college. I started working in a communications role at
a debt collection agency, and gained a lot of experience in PR, marketing and
event coordination. From there I moved to a company in the financial services
industry before coming to work for Oneview this year.

What drew
you to work with Oneview?

I had outgrown my niched role in my previous job and I was looking for a new challenge. I had also started a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing, so this was a great opportunity to gain more marketing experience. I go to classes two nights a week and this semester, on Wednesdays, I’m taking a consumer behavior class. I’m learning how people make decisions about what they need, want and buy, and how they act regarding a product, service or company. 

What’s your
favorite thing about working as a marketer?

I’m a people person, so I love any activities that allow me
to build relationships. I enjoy e-mail marketing and the social media aspects
of the job. Above all, I’m not a routine person – I don’t like to do the same
thing day after day, so I like to walk into my job in the morning and not know
what the day will bring. I love the fast pace and the “expect the unexpected”
nature of the role. 

What’s the
most challenging aspect of your work?

Here at Oneview I am adapting to being the person who has to get systems up and running from start to completion and then managing them. It’s challenging to do this, but it’s a challenge I can’t wait to tackle. Currently I’m working on integrating our marketing systems and I’m really close to completing it.

If you had
to describe Oneview in three words, what would they be?

It’s hard to put it in just three words! I would say that
Oneview has the most intelligent and incredible people I’ve ever worked with.
The people are awesome.

Between work and your masters degree, do you have any spare time to pursue other activities?

I’m part of a women’s group of business professionals. It’s an
empowerment and motivational  networking
group that meets every other weekend.

Tell us
something that might surprise us to know about you?

I have a huge phobia of snakes.

Do you have a
favorite quote or motto by which you live your life?

My motto is to live life, do whatever your heart desires, and
go for it. Life is too short, so just go for it.

What’s the best advice you ever received from a mentor?

I had a professor tell me once, don’t be afraid to try out new things. Getting out your comfort zone is the only way you’ll learn and grow.

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