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5 Minutes with Tibor Flach - Test Automation Architect for Oneview Healthcare

This month we caught up with Tibor Flach, to learn more about his role as Test Automation Architect for Oneview Healthcare.

How did you get started in the healthcare technology field?

I am generally interested in all fields that employ technology.  I have a BSC in Electrical Engineering and have worked in Telecoms and IT security in the past.  I worked with Clive Hannon (Oneview’s Head of Continuous Delivery) a few years ago and I met with him again as I was looking for my next adventure.  He told me Oneview Healthcare is good place to work so I had a look and found this to be a very interesting field where we can have a real impact on people’s wellbeing.

What does a Test Automation Architect do in a team? 

Generally, a Test Automation Engineer builds things that break things. An architect has to keep in mind the bigger picture when it comes to projects and plans for the future.  In most cases we can choose any tool or method we may prefer, but these have to be in line with the overall direction and guidelines of the company. We are responsible for building a QA Automation team and target all relevant projects and product areas that may require automated tests to be run on a regular basis (which is generally all of them), consider the overall project goals, and find ways to support them with automated tests, tools and frameworks.

What skills are needed for this job?

Software development and testing experience, team leadership experience,  patience, a desire to find out how things work, and the willingness to learn and not be afraid to make mistakes.



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