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5 Minutes with Claire Pfarr - Bid Manager (North America) Oneview Healthcare

This month we chatted with Claire Pfarr to find out more about the work she does as Oneview’s North America Bid Manager.


What’s your professional background/experience?

I’m a bit of an anomaly at Oneview. In a sea of software developers and brilliant technological minds, I bring a bachelor’s degree in Music Education and a master’s degree in Professional Writing. I assist the Sales team in writing bids, proposals, and a myriad of other materials for our customers. I like to think of myself as Oneview’s creative flair.

How did you get started in the healthcare technology field?

As I was putting myself through graduate school, I worked a 9-5 in the mailroom of a third-party benefits administrator. I learned a lot about the health insurance industry by immersion, and eventually moved on to evaluate disability claims. I also worked part-time as a Weight Watchers Group Leader, inspiring people to transform their health. Upon graduation, I had developed a great deal of health industry knowledge to pair with my writing degree, and moved on to write bids and proposals in health insurance.

When an opportunity arose at Oneview and I began to learn about the company and how we completely change how people experience healthcare, I had the same reaction most people do – “That’s so cool! I wish the hospitals I’ve been to had that.” The environment was so exciting, and the solution was one I felt I could truly support. It’s always fun to write about things you’re passionate about, and I’m naturally passionate about health. I was eager to add the technology piece to the writing and healthcare pieces, and spread our message around the globe.

What drew you to work in the health IT industry?

Having watched a number of friends and relatives go through medical procedures and hospitalizations, it’s been frustrating to see how far behind healthcare has fallen in the way people use technology. We use a pocket-sized device to do everything for us – from making phone calls to getting directions to making sure we meet our deadlines at work and at home. Yet hospitals and clinics still use a number of paper systems, and there’s too much room for error. Physical whiteboards still hang in patient rooms. Communication between patients and doctors is limited to brief, infrequent interactions. Technology has given humanity the tools we need. It’s long past time that we use them.

What does your job consist of on a daily basis?

My job is never the same on a daily basis! I do a lot of writing, obviously. I write bids and proposals, but I also write blogs, the occasional press release, and any other documents needed to support the organization. I speak with current and potential customers about our solutions and how they work. I continuously evolve our messaging about what we do and why we do it. I connect with my co-workers around the globe, and there isn’t a day that goes by that my brilliant teammates don’t make me laugh. It takes heart to develop the solutions we have here at Oneview, and each member of our team exemplifies that, along with a joyful spirit.


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